• Advancing the boundries of seismic interpretation

    Taking the interpretation process to new levels of understanding

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  • Solving a wide variety of difficult interpretation problems

    From Insight to ForesightTM

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    “… Geophysical Insights is on the forefront of advancing the industry’s capability through the use of neural networks.”

    - Sven Treitel of TriDekon

  • “Unsupervised Neural Networks can reduce risk by highlighting DHI characteristics and complement traditional interpretation methods.”

    - Rocky Roden, Sr. Geophysicists and Principal, DHI Consortium

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Extracting greater information from the seismic response

Geophysical Insights is developing and applying new disruptive technologies to dramatically reduce exploration risks and the time required for interpretation. Paradise, the analytic geoscience software platform, is our most recent commercial software development. Paradise embodies advanced pattern recognition capabilities, including Self-Organizing Maps (SOMs) and Principal Component Analysis (PCA). Geophysical Insights supports the successful application of Paradise through installation services, geoscience consulting, and training. Test this new technology yourself and see how Paradise can solve a wide variety of challenging interpretation problems in conventional and unconventional geologic environments.

SOM and 2D Colormap

Self-Organizing Maps (SOMs) and interactive 2D colormaps refine interpretation

PCA and 3D Visulaization

Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and 3D visualization identify relevant attributes

Contact us to explore how the advanced pattern recognition workflows in Paradise can reduce exploration risk and learn more about the Paradise 30-Day Trial.
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